Students staying away from IT majors

Students staying away from IT majors, by Nicole Dionne, Providence Business News.

Thank you Nicole for a positive article that appears to back my bold prediction from an earlier post.

Despite the fact that high-paying technology jobs are plentiful, students have been shying away from the profession and leaving a talent gap across the country.

“We have more jobs than students,” said Hal Records, chairman of the computer information systems department at Bryant University. “In 2001, with the dot-com crash, a lot of parents lost their jobs, and everybody said technology is not a good way to go.”

At Bryant, he said, “we’ve gone from 119 graduates in 2001 to 60 last year, and we’ll probably graduate 40 this year. The irony is, the jobs never really went away. In spite of the outsourcing, the number of technology jobs is increasing. So what we have now is a massive gap between the demand for technology graduates and the supply of technology graduates.”

Amen. That’s what I’m seeing. Glad to know I’m not the only one… 🙂

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