‘Cute Knut’ delights German crowds in debut

‘Cute Knut’ delights German crowds in debut


Okay, so this has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to anything this blog is supposed to be remotely about.


The new cuddly baby polar bear at the Berlin Zoo has been dubbed “cute Knut” by the German media. It’s now just a matter of time before one or all of my children come home from school bearing (as it were) tales of a new nickname.

Granted, there’s not a lot else you can do with “Knutson,” other than simply mangle and mispronounce it. I regularly get phone calls for “Charles Nutson” and it helps me to know that it’s nobody I know. In my young married years I would provide “Knutson” when waiting for a table at a restaurant, until one night at the Space Needle in Seattle a hostess hollered out, “Contusion?!” “Contusion?!” Everyone looked around for the idiot named after a bruise, and I stood up against my better judgment. It was that or lose the table. After that it was always just “Chuck,” thank you very much.

But now my kids (and me too, I suppose) get to be “cute Knut” thanks to the bear and the Germans.

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