DVD: “The Internet and your Kids: Healthy habits for a safe online home”

This DVD is produced by Healthy Habits Videos and is available on their site, or on amazon.com. I should note that at the time of this writing, the DVD is “currently not available” from Amazon.com, but can be purchased from the producer’s site for $24.95.


The following is from their promotional material:
In this practical DVD, classroom teachers Brian and Julie Dixon empower parents to keep their kids safe online. Packed with screenshot tutorials, student and parent interviews, and straightforward advice, this DVD will guide your family to a safer Internet experience. The only DVD available that actually shows parents step by step how to keep their children safe.

At 60 minutes, it’s long enough to get into a bit of detail, but still glosses over some of the technical details. That’s not a criticism. There’s so much that needs to be said, and only so much you can pack into a single hour. The DVD isn’t as professional or glossy as some of the others available, but the information is good and Brian and Julie are both pleasant (garnering all-important style points for effort and sincerity).

I find the information here to be very helpful and fairly broad in reach, including “myspace, online pornography, gaming and gambling, instant messaging, filtering software, history and cookies, setting passwords, computer location, file sharing.” If that sounds like an eclectic list of topics, it is. If there’s one substantive weakness to the DVD it’s that it tries to cover so many different (albeit important) topics that it can feel a bit scattered at times.

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