DVD: “Internet Safety: Hot Tips to keep cool kids safer on the Internet”

This DVD is produced by The Safe Side Company, which was founded by Julie Clark (The Baby Einstein Company) and John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted). It is definitely geared toward children. It’s a bit manic for my taste much of the time (think Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets America’s Most Wanted) but I haven’t yet test driven with my kids, so maybe they’ll eat this up. I’ll be sure and post an update when I have more testimonials from the target audience.

The DVD is available from The Safe Side for $12.99, as well as from Amazon.com for $17.99.


The production quality is extremely high, and certainly no dull moments. Chapters include the following:
1. Introduction to the Internet
2. Always ask your Safe Side Adult
3. Hot Tip: Never go into chat rooms …
4. At the cyber post office
5. Hot Tip: Don’t open Emails …
6. Around the camp fire
7. Hot Tip: Never respond to …
8. What’s for lunch?
9. Hot Tip: Don’t post personal info …
10. John Walsh talks with Dizzie
11. Cyber headquarters Hot Tip review
12. Closing credits

You get the basic flavor. At 42 minutes it should hold the kids’ attention without providing much in the way of technical information.

For my money, one of the most valuable features on the DVD is a 9-minute parent’s section, hosted by John Walsh, detailing two specific stories involving real girls who became involved with Internet predators. Of course, this is John’s forte, and it’s extremely well done and appropriately disturbing.

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