Advanced Nutrition… Hairball Formula?!

Where have I been for the past umpteen years that we’ve owned cats? Obviously not spending enough time in the grocery store perusing the cat food selection. I was sent on a quest for cat food last night, so I began dutifully scanning my options in the cat food section of the local grocery store. The following stack of bags caught my eye, and this photograph should convince you that I am not making this up.


This is Purina Cat Chow, for adult cats, as you can clearly see. You can also see that this is “Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula”. What can this possibly mean? I’m not sure I want to know. But I am comforted that this product is “Formulated with Yogurt”! And is in fact “Made with real chicken.” The hairballs are, no doubt, artificial.

One thought on “Advanced Nutrition… Hairball Formula?!

  1. Uh…I have not had any cat, but I raised parrots, turtles and a guinea pig, I have the experience going to supermarket to buy pets food, too. I think maybe in a pet’s view, there is nothing more ridiculous than letting their food chosen by human’s taste, isn’t it?
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    Also, it’s very glad for me to find through this blog that you are such an active and thoughtful person.
    All the best!

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