Blogging from the beach in Hawaii… without a laptop…

Didn’t work… AAARRRRrrrrggghghh!!! Tried, failed. It was going to be one of those uber-cool posts in which I prove my obsessive techno-tendencies beyond any reasonable doubt by sitting in a beach chair, on the Hukilau beach in Oahu, using nothing but my Treo, and blog about blogging on the beach because… um… ah… my wife will explain it to you.

Possessing a modicum of common sense, I made the attempt to login to my blog server on my Treo within the reasonably cool confines of our temporary beachside domicile. I could read the blog from the beach using the Treo web browser, but for an as-yet-undebugged reason, I could never successfully login to the server on the Treo. I thought it might have something to do with cookies, but that didn’t seem to be it after all. Scanned the meager offering of menu options for the Treo’s web browser to no avail. Tried resetting the password remotely (requiring a multi-step process involving a successful email adventure on said Treo), still no worky.

Finally my phone contorted itself into a state in which everytime I go to the web browser, the Treo reboots itself before doing anything else. Classic. I try to do something techno-cool (like blogging on the beach without a laptop) and by the time I get done trying, I’m in a worse state than I would have been had I never tried the uber-cool manuever in the first place. I hate that. And how do I fix my web browser when I can’t get to its menu options because it reboots my phone every time I try?! Sheesh.

Fortunately, the trip to Hawaii was not a total disaster. Weather was absolutely beautiful. Waves were great. Sand was sandy. Food was great. Polynesian Cultural Center was amazing. My visit to BYU-Hawaii in Laie was really fun. Pearl Harbor was moving. Wakiki was picture-perfect.

Oh yeah, and I was able to check my email a couple times a day on my Treo to help mitigate a potentially serious case of technical separation anxiety…

I think I need professional help.

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