Shout out to Jarvie’s temple photography

You’ll notice that the banner photography on this blog consists of photos of LDS temples (refresh the page to get a new temple shot). You’ll also notice that these temple photos are ridiculously awesome and beautiful. You’ll probably not notice (until I point it out) at the bottom of the page the following credits for said awesome temple photos: “Header Photos Courtesy of Scott Jarvie @” Scott has given me permission to use these temple photos on my LDS blog under the condition that I not do anything here to embarrass him or the LDS Church or in any way make him regret the gracious offer to let me use his photos. I have agreed to his onerous terms. In exchange, I voluntarily offered to blog about Scott’s amazing temple photography. 🙂

Let me first say that Scott Jarvie is a freak. He is an incredible photographer, and a super nice guy to boot. Check out his stuff and I think you’ll like what you see. Scott does a ton of weddings and other portrait shoots around the world, but he loves to photograph LDS temples and other places of worship. In fact, he’s got a project up his sleeve that I’m pretty excited about, involving a couple of high quality books featuring his photography of religious places. I think there may be a Kickstarter project in the near future somewhere, and I’ll send up a flare when he launches that.

Go visit Jarvie’s page. Dig his temple shots. Buy his books when they come out. Thank me later.

Mt. Timpanogos

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