Inaugural Post

For a number of years I’ve been blogging on “Dr. K’s Software Ruminations,” my blog ostensibly dedicated to all things technology. Problem is that often my brain asplode with other stuff (say religious stuff) and no decent place to vent it. This drives me (and my immediately family) crazy. This is not good.

In an attempt to keep the peace in the family and also to quiet the voices in my head, I’ve launched the Charles Knutson Blog Network, which at present consists of three blogs: this one (“Brother K’s Gospel Ruminations”); the aforementioned tech blog (“Dr. K’s Software Ruminations”); and a catchall blog about life, politics, travel, or whatever else strikes my fancy (“Chuck’s Life Ruminations”).

I am a practicing (and believing) member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to as the “Mormons”, although I prefer “LDS”) so my own faith constitutes the primary topic of this blog. Understand that I am, for the most part, writing from an LDS perspective to an LDS audience using LDS scripture (which is a superset of traditional Christian scripture, which is itself a superset of traditional Jewish scripture). Having thrown down this caveat, I’ll resist the urge to apologize over and over again, or to explain where one can find the book of Mosiah (hint, it’s not in the Bible).

I welcome comments and discussion. If you’re sick of my religious rants in this space, feel free to visit my other blogs of sundry rumination (top right, “Other Sites”).

Bro. K